Mark our in house Health and Safety adviser had the opportunity to volunteer his services as a Construction Ambassador with Construction Skills this week.

Working with CS and a group of other Construction Ambassadors Mark visited All Saints School in Barry to work with 9 and 10 year old children with the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) Bridge building activity. In addition to giving children the chance to build something amazing and work as a team, it is also hoped to get them thinking at an early age about a career in construction. It was also a great opportunity to encourage the girls to consider a career in construction as well.


The activity starts with all of the Ambassadors introducing themselves, their companies and talking about what jobs they did in construction. Health and Safety is discussed with the children being asked questions about Personal Protective Equipment and Health and Safety during the activity.

Prior to our visit, the children had been prepared by the teachers and were given specific roles, such as fixers, or cleaters or transporters… everyone had their part to play working as a team.

As we worked with the children it was amazing to see how quickly they learnt and understood the tasks they had to perform. Their enthusiasm was quite inspiring to see. Each team took a lot of pride in competing their tasks and when they finished you can see the scale and complexity of the structure that they built.

As their teachers walked across the finished structure the children watched closely to see how the bridge supported the weight of a full grown adult.  All the children then got the chance to walk across the bridge one by one which was great.

The children all seemed to have a great time and responded well to questions about the structure and some of the engineering concepts around the design of a cable stay bridge.

We at Haines really enjoyed giving something back to the community and perhaps being involved in inspiring future builders, designers, architects or other Construction related occupation.