At Haines we are always mindful of the Environment and our significant impacts on the Environment. We always seek to order our paints in a planned way to reduce over ordering and wastage.

However sometimes we do find ourselves with surplus paint at our store. Haines works to supply this paint to worthwhile community projects. This latest batch is ready for collection by The Furniture Revival Company. This is what they say on their web site about what they do.

‘Now known as The Furniture Revival, we collect and sell pre-used furniture and electrical goods to help individuals and families on tight budgets furnish and equip their homes at affordable prices.

Previously known as the Community Furniture Enterprise, now re-branded as The Furniture Revival, based  in Rhymney, employing more than 10 staff, some of whom are on placements and have been out of the mainstream labour market for some time. It is, therefore, a business which trades its services and provides substantial social and environmental benefits in the process.

The Furniture Revival operates out of a 15,000ft² building in Rhymney. Goods for re-use are collected free of charge (within the Caerphilly Borough) , cleaned and tested before being put on display in our extensive showrooms.

The whole operation is a good example of local services being provided for local people by local people.’

We are pleased to donate our surplus paint to be reused in a worthwhile way, reducing waste and improving our impact on the Environment.