We are very proud to be part of the team for BECT at their Holburne Park project in BATH. As a supply chain partner it is always our aim to achieve everything our Clients need from us. We also like to go beyond and exceed expectations.

So when we received an e mail that each contractor was required to submit a ‘Friday Pack’ of information to the site Project Manager each Friday we set about designing one that our on site Supervisor could complete throughout the week and submit as required.

We were very pleased to receive notification from BECT as follows after our first submission of the pack of required information.

‘Hi Mark that is excellent work, hope you don’t mind but would I be able to use your sheets as a BECT template for the other contractors please?’

We of course agreed and love to be a contributing member of the project team. We understand that managing a project has many demands and that supply chain partners can make a helpful contribution in assisting Principle Contractors to manage the project successfully.

We also contribute to Community Benefits with School engagements and Work experience opportunities for example which also help our Clients, the principle contractors to achieve their Aims and objectives and targets.

When principle Contractors have Haines Painting and Decorating as part of their Supply Chain they can be certain that they have a contractor on their side who will go above and beyond to work with them. Not only on site with our awesome teams of decorators, but also off site with a committed professional office and management team who will go the extra mile.

We are always happy to hear from new potential clients so please contact us and find out how we can be a part of your team.


Kind Regards